Communique from Bernard Seynhaeve, President of the NLS

Dear Colleagues,

Our School is going through an important moment in its history. Contingency. For the first time in our School, the ad hoc cartel of the NLS has appointed an AS. This nomination must be considered as an act that fits logically into the history of our School. To convince ourselves of this, it is enough to read what is happening today from the point of view of the debate led by Jacques-Alain Miller in 2013 in Athens[1].


It was thus necessary to mark this moment with an act: the organization of an event which will take place in Ghent on September 29th.


This conference, to which members of the NLS are especially invited, should not be considered as a day dedicated to the pass or to the AS. It will rather be a question of knotting three elements, three events, three important points relating to the training of the psychoanalyst orriented by Lacan’s teaching:


– The testimony of the two AS in practice in our School,

– the next Congress of the NLS whose theme is (logically) that of “Interpretation,”

– and the place of the body in the analytic cure, which was the strong point of the debate in Tel Aviv.


Contingency is the knot being formed today. The difference between happenstance and contingency is that in contingency, the responsibility of the subject is engaged. One by one, we are each intimately responsible for what is happening today. We must not miss our chance.

Bernard Seynhaeve