Close Reading Seminar

Moses and Monotheism

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present a winter reading seminar
of Freud’s penultimate work:





“It is not for nothing that Moses and Monotheism,
like everything else Freud writes,
is absolutely fascinating.

If one is independent-minded,
one can say that it makes absolutely no sense at all.

We will speak about it again…”

Jacques Lacan, Seminar XVII


The series of essays that eventually coalesced into Moses and Monotheism
are amongst the final writings of Sigmund Freud.
He completed the manuscript in March 1939, it was published in August 1939,
WWII was declared in September 1939, and he died later that month.


It is his most enigmatic work, little read and not often studied.


The LCA will read Moses and Monotheism over four 2020 winter sessions:


11 July
18 July
25 July
1 August

Presented online via Zoom

10:00am to 1:00pm AEST
Free to register
Open to all
Convened by LCA president Russell Grigg


The full text comprises three essays.
They are of unequal length, were written over many years, are somewhat disordered,
and have repetitions and inconsistencies.

The third essay includes a summary of all that preceded it,
and it is this essay that we will focus on:

Moses, His People and Monotheistic Religion


We will be reading from:
The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud
published by Vintage
Volume XXIII
Essay III: Moses, His People and Monotheistic Religion
pp. 54 – 137

Moses and Monotheism is readily available from the usual sellers,
or search on-line for the full text.




“I would not like to add “Moses and Monotheism”,
don’t even mention it!
Because, on the contrary,
we are going to talk about it.”

Jacques Lacan, Seminar XVII


Thank you for your interest in Freud, Lacan and the LCA