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Selected from conferences, seminars and other Lacan Circle events

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‘The father function revisited.
A knot-theoretical reading’

Presented by Stijn Vanheule

Keynote lecture for the Lacan Circle of Australia
International Conference
Melbourne, 2018

Starting with his structural approach in the 1950s and ending with his knot-theoretical move in the 1970s Lacan elaborates different perspectives on the father function. His classic view originates in the 1950s, when he suggests that the father is a symbolic operator. Yet, by the 1970s his ideas on what the father function entails have changed profoundly.




‘To love is to give what one does not have’

Presented by Russell Grigg

for the Lacan Circle of Australia
Study Day
Melbourne, 2018




‘Moses and Monotheism’

Presented by Russell Grigg

for the Lacan Circle of Australia
Winter Webinar
Melbourne, 2020

The Lacan Circle presented four seminars over four weeks during the Australian winter of 2020.
Russell Grigg revisited Sigmund Freud’s penultimate, enigmatic, little read and not often studied text: Moses and Monotheism.

The first seminar is here. The full series is on our YouTube channel