Recordings of LCA events:

‘The father function revisited.
A knot-theoretical reading’

Presented by Stijn Vanheule


for the Lacan Circle of Australia
International Conference
Melbourne, 2018


Starting with his structural approach in the 1950s and ending with his knot-theoretical move in the 1970s Lacan elaborates different perspectives on the father function. His classic view originates in the 1950s, when he suggests that the father is a symbolic operator. Yet, by the 1970s his ideas on what the father function entails have changed profoundly. In this paper I explore these later changes, and present – at the very end of my talk – a knot-theoretical interpretation of the father function, which, next to the Name-of-the-Father, also includes the concepts père-version and Father-of-the-Name. I will discuss both concepts in detail and relate them to Lacan’s ideas concerning lalangue – llanguage, which concerns a feminine strategy of dealing with the jouissance emanating from the sexual non-rapport.






‘Love and the sexual non-relationship’

Presented by Russell Grigg

for the Lacan Circle of Australia
Study Day
Melbourne, 2018