Seminar Program

Seminar Program Overview


The Lacan Circle of Australia delivers a rigorous program of study for anyone interested in the theory and practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis.  There are multiple 10 week seminars taught each semester and also special lectures, a winter webinar, an annual international conference, a Lacanian reading group and cartels of the Lacan Circle and the New Lacanian School.

Our seminars are taught by analysts with many years of clinical experience and with international reputations as teachers and researchers in the field of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Emphasis in the seminars is on engagement and interactive study that stimulates reflection and discussion of the issues covered week by week.

Follow these links to view information about our upcoming seminars on Perversion, Discontinuity and the Drive and Seminar XIX … or Worse.

View information about our past events and seminars here.

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