Case Studies: An Introduction

Lacan Circle Seminar





Case Studies: An Introduction


Presented by Alison Ravenscroft


Since Freud, the case study has been pivotal in the transmission of psychoanalysis. In this seminar are reading a range of case studies, drawing firstly on classic instances from Freud and Lacan. We also turn to considerations of two quite different moments of psychoanalytic transmission via the study of a case: these are testimonies of the pass; and the presentation of a case made by an analyst to their supervisor. How is the “case” represented in these different moments of transmission? How is the case made, how is it written and read? How is the case spoken and heard? What is present of the body in this re-presentation? That is, what is transmitted in the case study?



Recommended readings are made available to participants
This nine seminar series is being presented in-person only
at the Kathleen Syme Centre in Melbourne
Tuesdays from  7:30pm to 9:00pm
and not recorded


Tuesday 26 March
Tuesday 30 April
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