The New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis

The New Lacanian School (NLS) is one of seven Schools of Psychoanalysis of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). With three other European Schools (France, Spain and Italy) it is a member of the EuroFederation of Psychoanlysis (EFP), an association that oversees the development of psychoanalysis in Europe and countries close to it. The Lacan Circle of Australia is an affiliate of the New Lacanian School.


The Lacanian Review Online is a current, prolific and social media savvy publication of the NLS. Students and members of its associated schools publish interpretations of world affairs, clinical issues, psychoanalytic history and current crises.

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“In the summer of 1913, during his vacation in northern Italy, Sigmund Freud went walking with two friends, one of whom, the poet, complained that he could not enjoy the scenery because the idea that all this beauty would vanish did not cease to assail him. Freud tried to convince him otherwise.”

We Shall Build Up Again, Jorge Assef. 
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 The Lacanian Review is a hard copy English language journal published by the NLS

Current issue #9  Still Life includes:
Bernard Seynhaeve, The Stars are Aligned
Jacques Lacan, The Lacanian Phenomenon
Éric Laurent, The Other Side of Biopolitics

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“But of which real does one speak?
Is it of perceived reality, lived reality, fantasised reality, digital hyper-reality,
or is it of a real that cannot be perceived but can be conceived, be logified –
of a real that truly exists?”

Clotilde Leguil, Truth, Post-Truth, Real. The Lacanian Review #7, 2019



The New Lacanian School website contains a searchable list of member psychoanalysts of the world
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The New Lacanian School (NLS) is one of seven schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP)


The upcoming XVIIIth Congress of the NLS due to be held in Ghent, Belguim
has been cancelled amidst coronavirus uncertainties