Study Days

Held on the third Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm.

Study Day


Jacques-Alain Miller and the very final Lacan
“What Miller says about Lacan matters to Lacan” – J.C. Milner


Free and open to all

Saturday 15 September, 10am – 2pm

Multipurpose Room 1, Kathleen Syme Centre, Carlton

Also available on Zoom (for free) at:

At the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 Jacques-Alain Miller devoted four lessons of his Course to a line-by-line analysis of Lacan’s last published text, “Preface to the English-Language Edition”, which he wrote for the first of his seminars to be published in English, Seminar XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, in 1976. The first two of these four justly celebrated talks now exist in a new translation and will be the focus of the study day this coming Saturday.

Members and friends of the Lacan Circle including Kate Briggs, Lizzy Newman, Russell Grigg and Cindy Zeiher will give responses to Miller’s talks and there will be an open forum to allow a wide-ranging discussion of each and every issue Miller touches on.

These four lessons look back to the work on the late Lacan that the Lacan Circle has been engaged in this year and last, just as they look forward to the central activities that the community of the New Lacanian School will take as its focus in the lead up to the annual Congress in Tel Aviv in June 2019.

The first two of Jacques-Alain Miller’s talks are available for downloading here and here.


Semester 2, 2018

18 August  Postponed
15 September The Late Lacan I
20 October The Late Lacan II
17 November Cartels in conversation


Study days are the Lacan Circle’s link to activities of the New Lacanian School and the Freudian Field, just as they are a bridge to the wider community. The practice of psychoanalysis does not take place in a vacuum and Lacanian psychoanalysis is both sensitive to the manner in which subjective positions and choices respond to social change and attentive to developments in areas cognate with psychoanalysis.

Study Days are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm

Intervention Saturday 19 May at the Lacan Circle of Australia study day, “Love and the sexual non-relationship”.


Multipurpose Room 1 or 2, Kathleen Syme Centre, 251 Faraday St., Carlton.


In 2018 Study Days are admission free.



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