Lacan Circle 2021 Winter Webinar

Bodily Cuts Rims and Scraps



Four Webinars during the Australian Winter
Presented by Serena Smith



This webinar series has ended
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Week 1 – Introduction to the field
Week 2 – Focus on the torus
Week 3 – Focus on the crosscap
Week 4 – Revision of the object


“This year (1961) more rigorously than ever, we are going to do topology, and it is necessary to do it because you cannot but do it at every instant, I mean, whether you are logicians or not, whether you know the meaning of the word topology or not.”
Jacques Lacan, Seminar IX, Identification


The Lacan Circle 2021 Winter Webinar explored Lacan’s topological models in Seminar IX: the torus, cross-cap and Klein bottle, and showed how these models paved the way for Lacan’s object a and the operation of a field beyond the imaginary and symbolic. The discussions were supported by clinical examples.



Serena Smith has been a student and practitioner of psychoanalysis for over 30 years, and she has taught in various programs of psychoanalytic studies across the last fifteen years. She has an active research interest in the Lacanian object, clinical work with children and adolescents and the practice of psychoanalysis in current times. Serena is a registered psychoanalyst with the ACP and an accredited mental-health social worker (AMHSW)


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Winter Webinar: Bodily Cuts Rims and Scraps, Lacan's Topology


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Weeks one, two and three of this Winter Webinar are now posted to YouTube. Visit our channel here