London Workshop of the Freudian Field

Established under the direction of Jacques-Alain Miller


Introduction to Psychoanalysis based on

Freud’s Introductory Lectures


Seven sessions from November 2023 – June 2024



The argument is here
The full programme is here
More information on the speakers is here
Registration details, including by Zoom, are here
Series registration is
£‎300 (about $600 Australian dollars)
These workshops are being held in person in London, and are available by Zoom
Each session begins at the following time in Melbourne:

4 November – 10:00pm
16 December – 10:00pm
27 January – 10:00pm
9 March – 10:00pm
6 April – 9:00pm
27 April – 8:00pm
22 June – 8:00pm

Check your local start time here
The recordings will not be available



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