A Self Portrait of Σιμων

Simon McNamee


PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 1

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A Self Portrait of Σιμων

Simon McNamee

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my sapping romani darkbark eyes
speak of a tindering tenderness
of metempsychosis
and the truth within of an awful desire

my profile ruddyolive is a mere reflection
of what has been forgotten
the face a monstration
an image relying purely in a lie

the scarring lines cuttings
of the arm and wrist
disclose the language of
the extimate              unwounding itself

the deepblack wave of hair
a licking flame for the muses
of mount helicon filling the ears
for the one that hears

the welting of an unbelted neck
speaks of the death that conditions
what is to come         the fabricwound
body round the breath

my hands a love
singing of joy
gives this script
which envelopes itself


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