Editorial Introduction to Volume 1

PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 1: Testimonies of the Pass, Papers on Contemporary Psychoanalysis

PsychoanalysisLacan is the free, online journal of the Lacan Circle of Australia

We publish contemporary psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation


Editorial Introduction to Volume 1

Russell Grigg, Enseignements des AE, Lessons from the Analysts of the School


Readers will find original articles, translations of work significant for our field, and readings on contemporary debates and issues in psychoanalysis. PsychoanalysisLacan will also publish or republish seminal work not readily available otherwise.

PsychoanalysisLacan will publish, in the public domain, some of the best writing of Lacanian psychoanalysts and researchers. The journal will also publish research in cognate fields that is not readily available or not otherwise available at all.

As an online journal, PsychoanalysisLacan will bring contemporary debates and research as well as historically important contributions to speakers of English wherever they live. It will disseminate, discuss and critique applications of Lacan’s “reconquest” of the field of psychoanalysis and the unconscious to the analysis of contemporary situations.

PsychoanalysisLacan invites contributions from clinicians and theoreticians on themes relevant to Lacanian psychoanalysis. Each issue will include a number of articles on a theme alongside articles on matters of general interest.

The theme for this first issue is testimonies of the pass. Accordingly, you will find herein presentations by Sonia Chiriaco, Bruno de Halleux, Hélène Bonnaud and Bernard Porcheret that were delivered at the monthly seminar, “Teaching by Analysts of the School”, held at the Ecole de la Cause freudienne in the year 2012 – 2013. Each presentation, a testimony by an Analyst of the School, is a valuable contribution to our knowledge about the analytic process itself as it is experienced and theorised by the analysand.

This first issue also contains presentations by several members of the Lacan Circle of Australia on a range of issues – love, the ego, neuroscience, melancholia, what it means to speak of Lacan’s “later” teaching – as well as two creative pieces.

These are all fresh and valuable contributions. On behalf of the editors, I wish you bonne lecture.


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