PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 1

Testimonies of the Pass, and Papers on Contemporary Psychoanalysis


PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 1

Published by the Lacan Circle of Australia
All works are downloadable


Russell Grigg  Editorial Introduction


Testimonies of the Pass

Sonia Chiriaco  Repetition, Iteration

Bruno de Halleux  Remarkable 

Hélène Bonnaud  Iteration of the Symptom: Of the One of Jouissance

Bernard Porcheret  The Bodily Root of Symptoms



Grace Tarpey  Lacan’s Psychoanalytic Way of Love

Santanu Biswas  Locating and Annotating the Expression ‘The Later Teaching of Lacan’ 

David Ferraro  A Brain is Being Unbalanced: Structure, Science, and the Melancholic’s Underworld 

Russell Grigg  The Place of the Imaginary Ego in the Treatment

Jonathan Redmond  Debating the Subject: Is there a Lacanian Neuropsychoanalysis? 


Creative Works

Dominique Hecq  Beyond the Doubting of Shadows

Simon McNamee  A Self-Portrait of Σιμων


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