PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 5



PsychoanalysisLacan Volume 5



Published in February 2022 by the Lacan Circle of Australia

Edited by David Ferraro, Dominique Hecq, Jonathan Redmond and Noriaki Sato


Editorial Introduction

Jonathan Redmond  In memory of François Sauvagnat and some remarks on ordinary psychosis



François Sauvagnat  Ordinary psychosis: what it adds to the previous understandings of Lacan’s theory of psychosis 

François Sauvagnat  Psychotic elementary phenomena and ordinary psychosis

Éric Laurent  Comments on three encounters between feminism and the sexual non-relation

Astrid Lac  Feminism at the university, or literature without sex

Jane Kent  Lacan’s anti-philosophic act

David Ferraro  The problem with neuropsychoanalysis – a reply to John Dall’Aglio


Poetry and Prose

Claire Baxter  Dog in the mirror stage

The Cyborg Jillian Weise  Was Sappho non-disabled?

Michael McAndrew  Time



David Ferraro  Being, body and discourse: A review of Discourse Ontology: Body and the Construction of a World, from Heidegger through Lacan, by Christos Tombras


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