Lacan Circle Reading Group: Seminar V

Formations of the Unconscious




The Lacan Circle Reading Group


Jacques Lacan, Seminar V

Formations of the Unconscious


“The fact is that the subject, because he is a speaking subject, and solely for this reason,
is unable to harm the other without harming himself, so much so that
the demand for death is the death of demand.”


This reading group concluded on Wednesday 21 February 2024
Thank you to our many and varied participants from around the world!
The recording of our last session – the finale of the seminar
(including the quote above)
is available here



The Lacan Circle began reading Seminar VI, Desire and Its Interpretation, on 13 March 2024
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Privacy statement: These meetings were audio and video recorded and live broadcast through Zoom. Those present agreed to the collection and processing of their personal data, and on the publication of the audio and video recordings and/or stills.


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