Lacan Circle Reading Group: Seminar V

Formations of the Unconscious




The Lacan Circle Reading Group


Jacques Lacan, Seminar V

Formations of the Unconscious


Convened by Eugénie Austin


“The fact that in the unconscious there are signifying chains, subsisting as such, which, from there, structure and act on the organism and influence what appears externally as a symptom, is the heart of the analytic experience.” Jacques Lacan, Seminar V, page 388


We are reading Chapter XXIV, Transference and Suggestion
The recording of 29 November, reading pages 400- 404, is here
(The recording of our first session, August 2022, is here)


We meet every Wednesday at 7:00pm – 8:30pm
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Our text is the English edition of Formations of the Unconscious, The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book V, 1957 – 1958, edited by Jacques-Alain Miller, translated by Russell Grigg and published by Polity Press in 2017. It is available everywhere including here


The themes of this Seminar include:


Circuits of Desire
The Oedipus Complex
The Paternal Metaphor
Symptoms and their Masks
The Freudian Structures of Wit
The Dialectic of Desire and Demand
Foreclosure and The Name of the Father
The Significance of the Phallus
Transference and Suggestion
The Structure of Fantasy
The Logic of Castration
The Pleasure Principle


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Lacan Circle Reading Group: Formations of the Unconscious



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