Thomas Svolos in Conversation

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The Aims of Analysis in the Late Lacan

Thomas Svolos in Conversation


At the end, Lacan was unambiguous regarding the status of psychoanalysis. He characterised it not as a science, but as a delusion. He said, “psychoanalysis is to be taken seriously even though it is not a science.”
Thomas Svolos, The Aims of Analysis


This event was held on
Sunday 12 September 2021


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Thomas Svolos discussed his recently published book
The Aims of Analysis: Miami Seminar on the Late Lacan
Midden Press



Svolos explores the use of the “aim” to approach the clinical implications of the later work of Jacques Lacan, and, through a close reading of key concepts from the later Seminars, and the works of Jacques-Alain Miller, demonstrates how psychoanalysis today is practiced beyond the normative conventions of the Oedipus Complex.


Thomas Svolos practices psychoanalysis in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a member of Lacanian Compass, the New Lacanian School (NLS), and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). He is Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Dean for Strategy and Accreditation at the Creighton University School of Medicine. Svolos is the author of The Aims of Analysis: Miami Seminar on the Late Lacan, Midden Press, 2020, and Twenty-first Century Psychoanalysis, Routledge, 2017. He is co-editor of Lacan and Addiction: An Anthology, Routledge, 2011.


Russell Grigg, Thomas Svolos and the Lacan Circle were
“In Conversation”


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The Aims of Analysis: Thomas Svolos In Conversation


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