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The Lacan Circle held a training program information day on Saturday 5 March 2022
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If you wish to train as a Lacanian psychoanalyst with the Lacan Circle of Australia, you are expected to undertake an analysis; study the works of Freud, the teaching of Lacan and further contributions to the Freudian field; and seek supervision of your analytic work once you start to practice.

You are encouraged to undertake your analysis with a member of the Lacan Circle of Australia; it is not essential that your analyst be a member of the Lacan Circle of Australia, providing it is clear that his or her practice is Lacanian. Each case will be considered on its merits. There are no standard requirements for the number of sessions or duration of your analysis, since what matters is the evolution of your desire in your analysis. It is expected, however, that anyone wishing to practice analysis as a member of the Lacan Circle of Australia will have pursued his or her analysis over a number of years and at a high level of frequency.

The study of the theory and practice of psychoanalysis is provided by the Lacan Circle of Australia through a number of formal and informal avenues. These include teaching seminars, clinical seminars, clinical study days, reading groups, small study groups of 4 to 6 people called cartels, and an annual international conference. Presentations at relevant activities of the Lacan Circle of Australia are encouraged. As the Lacan Circle is an affiliate of the New Lacanian School, one of seven schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, analysts in training may also participate in a rich variety of events with our international colleagues, both online and in-person, as part of their study experience. Training to be a psychoanalyst involves no prescribed course of study of particular content or determinate length. As an analyst in training with the Lacan Circle of Australia, you will chart your own course through the work of Freud, the teaching of Lacan and the ongoing contributions to the Freudian Field and share with your peers present and future the results of your learning.

Supervision is the third requirement of analytic training. You are encouraged to choose a supervisor from practicing analysts of the Lacan Circle of Australia or the New Lacanian School with whom you will discuss your practice on an ongoing and regular basis. Your analyst may not also be your supervisor. Supervision outside the Lacan Circle of Australia or NLS is not excluded, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

It is recommended that you contact the Lacan Circle president Russell Grigg to discuss your intention to train with us.


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