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What becomes of jouissance at the end of an analysis?


At stake in an analysis is not only “what does it mean?” but also “what does it satisfy?”


Russell Grigg and the Lacan Circle were “In Conversation” with Anne Lysy
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“The analytic experience puts the analysand in the grip of what in his jouissance does not make sense, is not absorbed in the signifier, what remains beyond the fall of the objet a, in the grasp of ‘the One of jouissance’ that iterates: one, one , one, and not as a symbolic repetition of the signifying chain with its laws. In my work as an Analyst of the School, and later, I have been very interested in the question of the sinthome as a body event and in ‘knowing how to work with (savoir y faire)’ one’s symptom.”




We discussed Anne Lysy’s paper
“What Becomes of Jouissance at the End of Analysis:
The Pass of the Fantasy / The Pass of the Sinthome”
Published in The Lacanian Review (TLR) Issue 11: The Art of Singularities
Available here


Anne Lysy is an Analyst Member and past president of the NLS. A member and former Analyst of the School (2010-2013) of the ECF, Anne was secretary of the pass of the WAP (2012-2016) and member of the Commission of the Pass of the ECF (2014-2017). Anne is in private practice in Brussels.



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In Conversation: Anne Lysy


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