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The Lacanian Review #10 PARANOIA


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“There is a morbid entity, paranoia, which, despite the various fortunes it has undergone with the evolution of psychiatry, roughly answers to the following classical features:

a) an intellectual delusion whose themes range from ideas of grandeur to ideas of persecution;
b) aggressive and very frequently murderous reactions;  and
c) a chronic evolution.”

Jacques Lacan
Motives of Paranoiac Crimes: The Crime of the Papin Sisters
TLR #10


Also Inside TLR #10:

The Mystery of the Papin Sisters and the Knot of Paranoia
Laura Soklowsky
Jacques Lacan

The Clinic of Paranoia
Sophie Marret-Maleval
René Raggenbass
Dominique Rudaz

A Primary Relation to the Other
Pascale Fari
Jacques-Alain Miller

Guided Paranoia
Sophie Gayard
Lidia Ramírez
Irene Kuperwajs
Anne Béraud
Sandra Arruda Grostein
Alejandro Reinoso

The Art of the Paranoid Method
Salvador Dalí

Lacan’s Daemon
An interview with Jacques-Alain Miller

Political Paranoia: Addiction and Conspiracy
Scott Wilson
Rik Loose

Logic of Hatred
Raphaël Liogier and Fred Baitinger

Ideas of Reference
Anna De Filippi
Shirley Zisser
Gary Genosko
Féliz Guattari

It’s Everywhere
Maria Cristina Aguirre
Linda Clark
Russell Grigg
Ruzanna Hakobyan
Geert Hoornaert
Roger Litten

Jacques Borie
Shlomo Lieber


“Ultimately, each person is responsible for being Lacanian in their own way.
Dr Lacan was not Lacanian, he was Lacan.”

Jacques-Alain Miller
Lacan’s Daemon
Trans: Dan Collins and Russell Grigg
TLR #10


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