Lacan Circle Cartel Presentation Days




Lacan Circle Cartel Presentation Days
are held in May and November each year


Our 2022 mid-year Cartel Presentation Days we held in May and June
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Our 2022 end-of-year Cartel Presentation Days will be held
on Saturdays 5 and 12 November.


Lacan Circle Cartels currently at work include:


Lacan’s Four Discourses
Formations of the Unconscious
Seminar VII: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis
The Question of the Formation of the Subject
Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XXIV
The Body and Its Discontents
Perversion and The State
Seminar III





Our mid-year program over two weekends included these talks:

Ross Spencer – Perversion, conversion, trans and radical feminist ideology

Nicolas Tajan –¬† Perversion as a structure and the Lasth√©nie de Ferjol syndrome

Serena Smith – The body and its edge: what the autist teaches us about structure

Jas Matisse – ‘Fascia’, a new sliding organ (FILM)

S Brahnam – Feminized talking things in relation to the discourse of the analyst

Ala Akbarian – Transference and the dynamicity of the therapeutic relationship


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Lacan Circle Cartel Presentation Days May 2022


Privacy policy:

These events were audio and video recorded and live broadcast through Zoom.
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