Lacan Circle Cartel Presentation Days




Lacan Circle Cartel Presentation Days are held in May and November each year


Our November 2021 presentations have now concluded


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Cartel Presentation Day #1 on 6 November included these presentations:

Lenore Stephens – Identification and sexuation
Milanda Matthews – Love and Other jouissance
Alison Ravenscroft – En corps: A love letter
Robyn Adler – Y the written
Henry Gardner – Reflections on the sublime short-circuit in Seminar XX



Cartel Presentation Day #2 on Saturday 13 November included these presentations:


Serena Smith – Objects and the body in autism
Eugénie Austin – A trans subject and Lacan’s formulas of sexuation are in a relationship: this is how it’s going
Glenn Rutter – Perversion on the spectrum
Judith Beyer – Politics and perversion. On Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom becoming a French “national treasure”
Dimitri Farmakis – The preconscious in Lacan’s early seminars
Leo Baldwin-Ramult – The triggering of psychosis
David Ferraro – Lacanian dialectics and the poetics of interpretation
Joanne Shemansky – The symbolic unconscious and the end of analysis


Privacy policy:

These events were audio and video recorded and live broadcast through Zoom.
Those present agreed to the collection and processing of their personal data,
and on the publication of the audio and video recordings and/or web streaming or stills.


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