Cartel Presentation Day

June 2023


The Lacan Circle of Australia
Cartel Presentation Day

This event was held in June 2023
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We heard two talks from the work of two cartels


Claire Baxter
Formations of the Unconscious Cartel

Why the tapestries? Lacan’s specular image in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon


Wives who kill.

In the oldest known trilogy of literature, Aeschylus’ Oresteia, Clytemnestra welcomes home her victorious warrior husband, Agamemnon – and kills him in the bathtub. Before, however, this desperate housewife turns the bathwater red, she insists that Agamemnon walk upon the wine red tapestries that she lays out especially for him. Why? Why does Clytemnestra orchestrate this spectacular blood red image before she commits the act?

Drawing upon Lacan’s idea of the specular image, this paper considers an intergenerational interpretation of Schema L, and the importance of the imaginary as a precursor to the passage à l’acte.



Stu Hatton
Four Discourses Cartel

The four discourses, and some preliminary remarks on pathological demand avoidance


In Seminar XVII, Lacan outlined his four discourses of the master, the hysteric, the university, and the analyst. How might these discourses map onto autism, autistic subjectivity, and the proposed sub-type of autism known as Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)?



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Cartel Presentation Day June 2023

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Image by Kevin Abanto, Architecture of Blood