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The Lacan Circle of Australia
Cartel Presentation Day


This event was held in November 2023
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Jake Muir – Four Discourses Cartel
Knowledge, Student Agency, and The Four Discourses

“You can’t just make it up” the student shouted as I wrote the lesson title on the board.
Jake Muir


Thomas Capogreco – Four Discourses Cartel
Buenas Notches: Music in Discourse

“It’s strictly meaningless, in a way. It’s just a notch – just the same thing repeated. But once we have the entry into even just notches, we have the minimal elements to do something with language, and with the Other.”
David Ferraro, LCA Seminar on Psychosis, October 2023


Alison Ravenscroft – Jouissance Cartel
Jouissance: Body, Signifier, Interpretation

“If interpretation is measured by jouissance, then interpretation is requested, not because of its sense effects, but because of its jouissance effects.”
Jacques-Alain Miller, The Economics of Jouissance


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Cartel Presentation Day Recording, November 2023

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