Lacan Circle Reading Group: The Object Relation

Jacques Lacan's Seminar IV





Lacan Circle Reading Group

Seminar IV: The Object Relation


Convened by Eugénie Austin


This reading group is open to anyone with an interest
Join us for one session, every session, or occasional sessions
No prior knowledge is assumed
We read page-by-page and slowly


Every Wednesday
7:00pm – 8:30pm Melbourne time AEST UTC+10
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We began in July 2021, and we are currently in Section IV:
Mythical Structure in the Observation on Little Hans’ Phobia,
including, on page 197:


“The observation on little Hans is a whole world unto itself.
Among the collection of five of Freud’s case studies, this is
the one I have left until last in the labour of commentary
I have been pursuing, and with good reason”



We read from the recently published Polity Press edition:
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book IV
The Object Relation 1956 – 1957
Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller

Translated by A. R. Price


It is available from the usual sellers, including:
Wiley here
Booktopia here
The Book Depository here
Blackwell’s here
Amazon here
and Readings here


“Freud tells us that in the world of objects
there is one that has an utterly and paradoxically decisive function,
namely the phallus.”


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Lacan Circle Reading Group: The Object Relation




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