Véronique Voruz in Conversation

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Bodies Captured by Discourse

Véronique Voruz in Conversation


“Your know-how is with your symptom; it is not in the dimension of language”


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Véronique discussed her paper “Bodies Captured by Discourse”, published in Psychoanalytic Notebooks #36, Formation of the Analyst (available here) in which she addresses the question: “How do we work with the speaking bodies of the subject of our contemporary civilisation” by surveying the consecutive positions of Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, and then Jacques-Alain Miller.


Voruz considers Freud’s “subjects of civilisation”, whose intense feelings of shame, guilt and remorse are at odds with their situation; Lacan’s four discourses as a formulation of “truth is dead”; and Jacques-Alain Miller’s development of the logic of the not-all. Is there a way to work with the limitlessness of a devastating jouissance which responds neither to the phallic signifier, nor to objet a?


Véronique Voruz is a member of the Ėcole de la Cause Freudienne (ECF), the New Lacanian School (NLS) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). She was analyste de l’école of the ECF 2015-2018, and inaugural managing editor of The Lacanian Review (TLR). She is co-editor of The Later Lacan, 2007.



Psychoanalytic Notebooks #36
Formation of the Analyst
(with Véronique’s paper)
is available here


Eugénie Austin, Véronique Voruz and the Lacan Circle were
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In Conversation: Véronique Voruz


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