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The Lacan Circle promotes study, teaching and research in the field of Lacanian psychoanalysis



The Lacan Circle of Australia (previously the Lacan Circle of Melbourne) was founded in 2003 as a professional organisation dedicated to the formation of psychoanalysts, the continuing education of clinicians and the pursuit of fundamental research in the Lacanian orientation. At its foundation, membership and activities of the LCM were based largely in Melbourne. Over time, and especially recently, members have joined from around Australia and overseas, to the point where, today, the Lacan Circle’s reach is both national and international.

The Lacan Circle supports psychoanalytic formation through study, supervision and personal analysis. Seminars, reading groups, cartels, special events, presentations and conferences continue the teaching and research essential to the vitality of psychoanalysis in the Lacanian tradition.

As an affiliate of the New Lacanian School (NLS), one of seven schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP), the Circle is part of an international community of psychoanalysts and scholars promoting study, teaching and research in the field of Lacanian psychoanalysis. While the primary focus of the Lacan Circle is the clinical field of psychoanalysis, it fosters links with cognate fields – philosophy, literature, studies of religion, the arts, the study of society – with the aim of discerning and understanding the diversity of human life and contemporary forms of modes of enjoyment.

Activities of the Lacan Circle include:

  1. an ongoing series of structured seminars for the study of psychoanalysis and the training of psychoanalysts;
  2. ongoing reading groups studying psychoanalytic writings, currently Lacan’s Seminar VI, Desire and Its Interpretation;
  3. our ‘In Conversation’ events on a theme or recent Lacanian publication
  4. themed clinical study days on significant issues for psychoanalysis;
  5. workshops and special events with colleagues from the World Association of Psychoanalysis;
  6. international conferences with keynote speakers; and
  7. cartels or small study groups working together on related themes.

An overview and recent history of all these activities can be found on our Event Information page here.

Anyone with an interest in psychoanalysis is welcome to participate in activities of the Lacan Circle. If you would like to find out more please contact us here.


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